Kalaripayattu Training & Performance Square

The Kalarikalam or Kalaripayattu training square is a 2500 square foot area which houses a Kalari square. With an L shaped area for visitors to watch the artists training themselves the craft, the square is surrounded by a wooden hand - rail and lies about 4 feet below the surrounding visitors’ area. It also houses a display of all the weaponry that is used in Kalaripayattu.

For visitors, apart from watching Kalaripayattu artists in action, one could also understand the history of perhaps the oldest martial art in the world. Across the seating area one can see a display of every Kalaripayattu weapon used in the training & performing of this art. Apart from live action, special requests to show various massage therapies used by the Kalari masters for injuries are also showcased for visitors.

The Kalaripayattu training and show timings are as follows :
08.00 – 09.00 am - Kalaripayattu training timing.
04.00 – 05.00 pm - Kalaripayattu performance.