Kerala Kaleidoscope

Kerala Kaeidoscope is our daily show at Greenix Village. A medley of various dances, Kaleidoscope Kerala redefines the intangibly elusive aesthetics of bliss as it evokes the eternally alluring charm of this many-splendor land and it’s infinitely enriching cultural ethos.
It’s a celebration of  a spectacular array of dance forms and musical styles, pure classics along with distinctively ethnic, blending seamlessly with indigenous elements of ritualised theatre, folk traditions and stupefying displays of the native martial art techniques of

Showcasing quintessentially magnificent vignettes of Kerala’s rich cultural traditions, Kaleidoscope Kerala is essentially an exclusive, uniquely choreographed repertoire of live classical dance and music performed in a heritage theatre with legendary ritualistic folk
invocations and martial arts. It is a medley of many authentic dances of Kerala, especially the sheer splendor of a magical rendezvous with the languid, mellifluously lyrical and graceful Mohiniattam, dance of the enchantress – exquisitely devotional for some, sublimely sensual for others; the rigorously codified majestic spectacle of Kathakali, Kerala’s trademark dance drama instantly recognizable for its dazzling regalia and trance-inducing rhythms, the stunningly totemic and surreally oracular manifestation of the divine in the folk tradition of Theyyam, among a breathtaking mélange of inimitable performing art forms accompanied by soul-stirring ensembles of pristine musical genres, dominated by the mesmerising roll of the ‘demonic’ drum, chenda."